The gambang is one of the last instruments people usually learn to play, it is really different than other instruments since it is made out of wood.

Kenong and Kendhang

Kenong are large kettle shaped gongs placed sideways that are played along with a kempyang and ketuk to mark the most important pieces of time outside of the gong ageng.

Saron Barung

The saron barung is usually just called saron, it's one of the instruments that people usually learn first when they start playing gamelan, it plays balungan notes, and in certain situations can also play very cool parts that elaborate on the main balungan.

Gong Ageng

This is the big gong or Gong Ageng.  It is the largest and most important instrument in the gamelan, although it is played more rarely during a song that any other instrument.

Gender and Slenthem

The gender are are decorative instruments in the gamelan that fill out spaces in a stretched out balungan.


These are kempul, they are usually used to mark time in the structure of gamelan songs (called gendhings)